Web 2.0 Project and Going Paperless

I've been following a new blog, Teach Paperless, and I'm intrigued at what is being presented. A big portion of the Teach Paperless ideal relies on Web 2.0 technologies. Tomorrow morning, I'm starting three projects.

Project #1-The Web 2.0 Project

Tomorrow morning I take a week-long break from using "traditional" computer applications. No Word, no Powerpoint, no iTunes. Even Apple apps are out. No Keynote or Pages. The only applications I will use are web based. I'll be posting daily insights into this project on this blog.

The only challenge I foresee right now is my addiction to Promethean's Activestudio. Hmmm....will Google presentations fill the void?

Project #2-Going Paperless

I know that I won't be able to go completely paperless in my class. Two days a week, we have tutors come in and it requires discussion, note taking and a form that has to be filled out. However, that, I hope is the only thing that I will use paper for.

Project #3-Paper Impact

I'm going to collect all the paper in my mailbox at school from tomorrow to the end of the year. I can only imagine what it is going to turn into. This should be an illuminating experience for me, my students and the rest of the staff.