Project Update #1

Project #1-Web 2.0

Every week, I'm lucky enough to start out with a meeting at 8:00. It's the first thing I do every week.

That said, I ran short of time in getting prepared for class. I easily slipped into using Promethean Inspire for the slideshow. In reflection, I could have easily used Google Presentations for the information. On the brighter side, I used web apps to catch up on things during the meeting!

Project #2-Teach Paperless

I had one handout for the students today: Weekly Learning Logs. It lasts all week and will be turned in on Thursday (conferences on Friday). The students used two pieces of writing paper each. One for tutorial notes and one for their warm-up.

The learning logs could easily be replaced by using Twitter (district blocked). I suppose I could have the do it as a blog post too. We just don't have enough access to the lab or laptops to do this. I think that I might have to split the class into smaller groups to access the 8 laptops that work when they want to.

There isn't much to do about the tutorials. Note taking is a valuable skill that our students don't really get. Sorry, not ready for them to be paperless on this one.

Project #3-Paper Impact

So far, I've got 3 pieces of outside mail and five sheets from other staff people. I've expertly decided that all 8 items I received could have delivered as HTML or an email. Much easier to archive as well.