Technology and the Inauguration

Last Tuesday was an eventful day. Just as eventful was my journey to bring the inauguration to the projector in my classroom for my students. The district installed wonderful projectors and sound systems in our classrooms. With that, it took away the televisions with built-in VCRs. So, what are my options for showing the inauguration?

The first option was to rely on a streamed video from the district website. Let's see, a few thousand classrooms all trying to stream one web page. Yeah, on to option two.

The second option was to find a VCR that I can connect to the classroom cable connection and then run RCA cords to the projector and sound system. I'm thankful to my friend Karen, in St. Cloud, who had a VCR laying around to donate to my students. I'm even more thankful to her dad, Craig, who dropped the VCR off on my doorstop in Minneapolis. Thank you Dahlbergs!

The video played perfectly from channel 11. I'm sure every channel had the same footage, channel 11 is just on old habit. The audio didn't work well, I got a buzzing noise when plugged into the audio enhancement system but it worked fine when plugged into the projector. It just wasn't as loud. I still haven't figured out the buzzing noise.

I was amazed at the entire inauguration and at my students who were totally into the event (90%) or just sat quietly respecting everyone else's right to witness history.

I've heard that President Obama is going to chance education and focus on technology. I can't wait. It's going to be a great 4 years.