Collaboration, Art and Technology

I'm helping our art teacher, Mr. Eady, and a second grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, create a piece that combines painting, drawing and poetry. Then they came up with the idea to put together a presentation for our Share-in.

Here's what we've done so far:

Ms. Feber, our media specialist, helped to record students poetry that they have either created or read. Using Garageband and a Snowball microphone, students each got a chance to record something.

Then, Mr. Eady and I took the student created artwork and put it under the document camera. Some of the pieces 24" x 36" and we were still able to capture them with the document camera. We put them on the floor and they focused perfectly. Even the colors popped in the camera like they did on the paper.

The next daunting step is to match the artwork in Garageband with the audio recordings that the students did. I'll post the final project here once it's all figured out.

This project involves 25 students, a clasroom project, a specialist class, help from another specialist, and the tech/arts coordinator. It's awesome to see teachers working together to learn in and through arts and technology. That's great teaching!!!