Make it work with Zamzar

I was told about this web application long ago but had forgotten about it. Zamzar is wonderful. You take just about any file and convert to just about any other type of file. There are even file extensions that I don't know anything about. I've used this several times with great success.

Basically, you browse to add a file, choose how you want to convert it, enter you email address, and they send you the converted file. Pretty smooth.

Here's the cool, new feature of this: Downloading youtube videos! As a teachLinker, I love pulling videos into my class. Teachertube is great, but slow. Rumor is that it is getting better. That's another post thought.

Now I can sit at home, looking for youtube videos for lessons. All you need to do is copy the url of the video, paste it into Zamzar, enter your email and wait for them to send you the file. How great is that?

This little gem is brought to you by Wendy Wolfe (blog), who originally told me about it, and a presenter from the Education Minnesota conference who talked about youtube in the classroom.

Have a great weekend.