SmartBoards Arrive

It's spring break, but I did go into school. I know, other teachers would kill me for doing this. I won't name name's but there was another teacher who was in the building when I was there.

So what was so important that it warranted a trip to school during spring break? SmartBoards. Our school recieved 5 additional SmartBoards, for a total of 8. Five of them are mounted in classrooms and 3 are on stands that can be moved from classroom to classroom. Here's the great news, one of them is mounted in my room. The goal of my trip to school was to ensure that the 5 new boards were mounted in the right rooms and in the right places.

Want to learn more about SmartBoards? Check out the Smart Technologies website. You can also check this blog often. I'll be adding SmartBoard insights as I have them or learn from others involved.

I did get a chance to take the SmartBoard for a spin last Monday. It was awesome. The Notebook software is very well designed and will allow a lot of teaching to be integrated with the SmartBoard. Currently, I am working on creating National Urban Alliance's Thinking Maps in the Smart Notebook software. I use these extensively in my teaching and being able to use the SmartBoard will be awesome.

That's all for now. Keep coming back!