Not-So-Smart with a SmartBoard

Being the tech nerd that I am, I went to a series of weekend workshops that focused on using technology in the classroom. The were sponsered by TIES in St. Paul. The most fascinating workshop was about SmartBoards. I took this workshop knowing that our school would be getting 8 boards in the near future and I would have one in my classroom. I learned more in that session than I can imagine I'll use until I get more advanced in my skills.

I walked away from that workshop with knowledge and a SmartBoard flash drive that had the software loaded on it. Once we got the boards at our school, I took my flashdrive around to each computer that has a board attached to it. I installed the software and no one was able to use their Smartboard. After spending almost a half day troubleshooting different issues and consulting with 3 people much smarter than me, I concluded it was a software issue. I downloaded the same software from the SmartTech website that was supposedly on my flash drive.

After installing that software, the SmartBoards run smoother than my mom's mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. And the flash drive software was about as good as lumpy mashed patatoes. YUCK!